Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cherries and Apples

Kathy's Doll 06 

I received a custom order awhile ago from a very kind woman named Kathy. While we were emailing back and forth about fabrics choices and hair colors and textures etc., she shared some exciting news with me.
While Kathy was driving home from a Sunday party she had attended, she drove passed a skinny hunting dog lying on the side of the road. The poor thing was trying to scavenge a meal from a dead deer. Kathy immediately pulled over and grabbed a bit of apple cake that she had leftover from the party and using it she was able to lure the hungry pup to come to her and then into her car. 

While Kathy was emailing me the news, the lucky dog (who by the way they affectionately named "Apple"), was curled up on a blanket (dreaming of more apple cake I'm sure). Kathy says she is a sweetheart.
The story of Apple inspired me to make Apple the pup and the piece of irresistible Apple cake. Now the baby doll and Apple the dog can share a snack together!

Thanks for helping out our furry friends Kathy! Anyone who loves animals that much is a friend of mine!
Here are a few more pictures:

And happy endings...
Kathy's Doll 05

Kathy's Doll 10

 Kathy's Doll apple2
Apple with apple cake! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's a Giveaway!!

Teething Gnomes 036

In lieu of the bright sunshine that has just beamed through my studio window (I have missed you so), I have decided it is time for my first ever online giveaway via The Pine Cone Gnome's Facebook Fan Page!
Become a fan of The Pine Cone Gnome, then leave a comment under the "Giveaway" posting. A name will be drawn on Thursday, August 29th, 2010 (next week) to win your very own Cotton Velour Teething Gnome made from their choice of available velour fabric.

No strings attached, I will even pay the shipping charges if the winner is out of town!
Good Luck to all and enjoy the sunshine if you have it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's a Dragon in the Flower Bed!

Summer2010 house pics 008 

Alright, so it's actually just a Columbine ready to bloom...but it was watching me pass by!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New items in the shop!

Finally, right? Ha ha!

Adding more day by day. I am really slow at this computer stuff, not to mention all the picture editing. But I'll keep on truckin'!

Come by the shop and take a look, here are just a few of them: 

Girl Doll small blond 

Small Forest Girl Doll

Grass Elf 3 

A Grass Elf (a lazy one!)

Lambkin Velour purple 

Purple Velour Lambkin Doll

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back From The Forest Fair!

We had a wonderful time at the Forest Fair! Yummy food, great music and friendly faces for all three days. I had a very difficult time not spending all of my money during the fair, the vendors had such beautiful things available.

 Once again, I forgot to take pictures until day two, but here they are anyway (better late than never right?).

Forest Fair 2010 006

 This picture is a bit crooked because nothing on the forest floor happens to be level, should have remembered about that before setting up. It was all straightened out though, with some help from a few rocks and wood chunks under the table legs.

Forest Fair 2010 007

Forest Fair 2010 010

Forest Fair 2010 013

 The swords were probably the most popular! They were handcrafted by my neighbour and he wood burned each one. Beautiful!

Forest Fair 2010 011 

Lucky Mushroom Ornaments and Flower Girls

Forest Fair 2010 012 

Velour Lambkins, Mermaids and Pencil Gnomes

Forest Fair 2010 016
Small Forest Girl

I will be adding new items to the shop all week. Surprisingly, I am already getting Christmas orders so those slots will be filling up a lot sooner this year, let me know soon if you would like one too.