Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back From The Forest Fair!

We had a wonderful time at the Forest Fair! Yummy food, great music and friendly faces for all three days. I had a very difficult time not spending all of my money during the fair, the vendors had such beautiful things available.

 Once again, I forgot to take pictures until day two, but here they are anyway (better late than never right?).

Forest Fair 2010 006

 This picture is a bit crooked because nothing on the forest floor happens to be level, should have remembered about that before setting up. It was all straightened out though, with some help from a few rocks and wood chunks under the table legs.

Forest Fair 2010 007

Forest Fair 2010 010

Forest Fair 2010 013

 The swords were probably the most popular! They were handcrafted by my neighbour and he wood burned each one. Beautiful!

Forest Fair 2010 011 

Lucky Mushroom Ornaments and Flower Girls

Forest Fair 2010 012 

Velour Lambkins, Mermaids and Pencil Gnomes

Forest Fair 2010 016
Small Forest Girl

I will be adding new items to the shop all week. Surprisingly, I am already getting Christmas orders so those slots will be filling up a lot sooner this year, let me know soon if you would like one too.

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