Monday, November 30, 2009


Rachael B. is the 2009 Arts and Crafts Emporium Drawing winner!! A custom made Lambkin doll will be specially made for her and delivered no later than December 15!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shop Update

I listed a few of the dolls left over from the show in the shop. You can see them here. I am planning on adding more great items throughout the next few weeks so please keep checking back.

2009 Arts and Craft Emporium

Another fun year at the Emporium! The best part was having my son with me for both days. He helped customers and made sure everything was tidy and in it's place and without even being asked! We had another drawing this year, but this time for a custom made Lambkin doll. 

Once again my camera battery had died on the first day so these were taken mid-afternoon on the last day of the show.

2009 Arts and Crafts Emporium 083 

2009 Arts and Crafts Emporium 086

2009 Arts and Crafts Emporium 087

The Girls!

All materials put together and you have a...ummm..a school? of lovely swimming mermaid gals.
Two sizes, 18" and 16" from tip of there tails to top of their heads.

The larger mermaids have button jointed arms for full movement and also come with a silver crown and glass pearl bracelet.

16" Mermaids
Handmade dolls 2009 075

18" Mermaid-Purple
Handmade dolls 2009 009 

18" Mermaid Teal Blue
Handmade dolls 2009 032

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Most Beautiful Yarn Find

I found these bits of lovely at a local yarn shop. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect yarn for the special girls I have planned for this years Emporium.
Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice!
2009 Arts and Crafts Emporium 003

Heads or Tails?

This is what my desk looked like before the Arts and Crafts Emporium. It was a little overwhelming but I got through it one by one.

       Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 003

       Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 004


St. Martinstag Gingerbread Men

Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 013

We celebrated St. Martinstag at my son's school on November 13th. It was the coldest night so far and the lantern walk itself was short but sweet. I made about 80 gingerbread men, not all of them actually made it to the school though...umm...what can I say, it's hazardous being made from yummy gingerbread.

Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 024

 The photos below are a little collection I titled: Sleep Deprivation. FYI Playing with your food is fun!

Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 014

Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 018 

Sewing for the Arts and Crafts emp. and Tyler's st. martinstag 023

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Less of Mr. Floppy Bunny

Mr. Floppy was neutered! He was having a "problem" with the smaller animals in our house, more specifically the cat and shih-tzu. He was a very driven boy and so after almost being slapped with a harassment suit from the cat, we decided it was time. After talking to the vet and rabbit rescue people, we were reassured it would make him a much happier bunny in the long run.

Doesn't he look happy to you? Well...someday anyway.

Halloween and rabbit cage 078
We might eventually be able to adopt a friend for Floppy now that he will behave himself.

Halloween Revisited

Since I have been so behind with my blogging I am now taking the chance to catch up, starting with one of the best Halloween's ever!

The weather was warm for by our October standards and the snow hadn't fallen yet so the kids were able to trick or treat for hours. I sewed like  a mad person right up until the last minute, but I was able to make my youngest his Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" costume, and my neighbours satin lined velvet cloak for her Cruella Deville costume ( she will use it again next year for her Little Red Riding Hood costume after removing the hideous fake fur trim) and I even made the hat for my 1800's-ish costume, but when it came to sewing my husbands matching 1800's-ish costume I failed miserably.

We had two hours left before we were all supposed to be going to the party and I knew then I wouldn't make it. I was almost finished with his wool jacket but there would be no time for pants...the man needs pants! So I remembered we had a costume rental store here locally and amazingly enough they had the perfect costume and the night was saved.

Later my husband said "No offence babe, but can we just rent costumes every year from now on?" I said "Absolutely!"

Halloween night 012

Halloween night 017

Halloween and rabbit cage 094 

Halloween and rabbit cage 091

These are some of the decorations this year. It was nice of the spooky fog to arrive for my picture taking!

Halloween and rabbit cage 012 

That's "Stevie" as the kids affectionately named him, peeking around the corner. We were actually a little sad to pack him away this year because he was a great greeter when we would come home.

Halloween and rabbit cage 003

Halloween and rabbit cage 005 
Happy belated Halloween!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preparing for the big show!!

WOW! What a busy time of year! I have many things to tell everyone about, Halloween included, but it will all have to wait until after this weekend is over.

Right now I am frantically preparing for the 2009 Anchorage Arts & Crafts Emporium. My fingers are chapped, red and raw and the coffee has steadily been flowing through my veins for weeks now, but I am determined to offer a nice selection of my handcrafted goods. The show is so much fun to participate in! Everything being sold must be handcrafted by the vendor (and yes, they do check!).

If you are looking for great gifts this holiday season and would like something with a more wholesome, one-of-a-kind feel, the Arts and Crafts Emporium is definitely the place to shop. You might even complete your entire list under one roof.
Come by and say "hello"!
Anchorage Arts & Crafts Emporium
Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center
600 W. Seventh Ave., Anchorage, AK
Saturday November 21 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday November 22 11:00am-6:00pm

Show 180
This photo was taken last year during the show.