Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pay Dirt!

Look what I was able to gather from the garden yesterday!

Custom lambkin doll blond 004

Custom lambkin doll blond 005

They were very yummy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finished Another Custom Doll!

This little girl was ordered by the winning bidder of the Custom Made Lambkin Gift Certificate which was auctioned off at a fundraiser for the Boy and Girls Club. She decided to add a full head of fluffy blond hair and make her from cotton velour instead of cotton Sherpa. I hope she will provide a lot of hugs in the future!

Custom Lambkin resized 2 

Custom Lambkin resized

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Sprouts Flower Growing Kits....Complete!

Little Sprouts 007

Whew!.... It took awhile but they are finally here! The kit includes one Sprout Doll, pot, peat pellets and a seeded tag. Just add water and sunshine!

 There were a lot of steps taken to make these little cuties but well worth it in the end, they are now available in the store

Little Sprouts 001

Little Sprouts 018

Plant-able Hang Tags

Making seeded paper 022

I ended up making hang tags from the seeded paper that was made earlier. These will go with the new items that will be added to the store soon. These are so much fun to do! I might have to make some plant-able tags to go with birthday and holiday gifts as well.

Making seeded paper 023

Making seeded paper 031

While I was stamping the tags, I noticed one of the seeds was running away!

Making seeded paper 024 
That seed has legs!

It turned out to be a teeny-tiny spider that was amazingly the same size as the For-get-me-not seeds...ha ha! I was working under an open window and I think he must have blown in. I put him back outside and wished him good luck.

Making Seeded Paper


I bought a paper making kit because I have been drooling over the plant-able paper I have seen around lately. As a newbie to the paper making world, I opted for the kit which included almost everything I needed to get started.

I started out by blending up paper from around the house, things free of ink and glue,  that would have been otherwise headed to the garbage. I even threw in part of a paper egg carton for texture. I added a sheet of green tissue paper for color, some warm water and pushed the puree button on my blender.

I filled water  into a clean sink filling it up halfway and then added the paper pulp, then sprinkled two packets of For-get-me-not seeds into the water. I'd wished they didn't float so much and next time I may use a larger seed instead.

After stirring everything up a bit with my hand, I  slowly guided the screen into the water and then let the paper pulp mixture settle on top. Easing it from the water I made sure the pulp and seeds were evenly dispersed. If I wasn't happy with how it looked at that stage it all went back in the water so I could make attempt number two (or three or four).

After sponging as much water as I could from the soon to be sheet of paper I peeled it from the screen and placed it on a baking sheet, then put the whole thing outside to dry.

Making seeded paper 003 Making seeded paper 007 Making seeded paper 010
Making seeded paper 015

     This is a perfect project for children! You really can't mess anything up, just dunk it back into the water if you are not happy with how you sheet looks and try again. Scavenging for dried seeds and leaves outside would also add a lot to this project.  

Making seeded paper 018
All finished drying!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Lone Bunny...Completed!

WIP Bunny 002 

This poor little felt bunny was overlooked at Easter time. While the others were being sewn together, he was cut out only to then be pushed aside into the deepest,darkest corner of my work area.  
Unlike the others this one is special, he has "down ears"!! ( at my youngster's request of course)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Decluttering and WIP's (Work In Progress) Week

I have quite a few projects in various stages of completion around the work area. Things that I just haven't been able to finish, for one reason or another, maybe because a custom order came in that had a short deadline or maybe because it was a beautiful day outside and I couldn't justify being tied to a sewing machine all day.

 Well, this is the week for those projects! I have been pushing them off to another corner of my desk long enough and I will get them done.

Here are a few hints for now and I will post each one as soon as they are complete. Can you guess what they will be? (one and two actually go together)

 WIPS 007    WIPS 005    WIPS 006    WIPS 010

Say "hello" to my little friend!

Floppy get to go outside 2009 (11) 
"No one will see me here with my perfect disguise!"

Meet Mr. Floppy Bunny

While out for a drive one cold day in January, we ended up at an out of town animal shelter, I don't know how it happened, but it did. Our four year old found this guy and was instantly smitten. He loved his "down ears" as he calls them and apparently in our son's opinion, a rabbit with "up" ears is less of a rabbit. I am not sure why he thinks this way, but just so everyone knows, the rest of our family is non-discriminant regarding a rabbits ear placement.

Five dollars and about a million four year old promises later, we were in the car driving to the nearest pet supply store to buy the whole nine yards.

Dog Pull-Palmer Jan.24 039

This was at the animal shelter. They really let you get to know the animals before you take them home,  he  sat there with the rabbit for over an hour before we both caved and took him home.

Five dollars quickly turned into about a hundred and fifty five, but who can say no to a little boy and his big Floppy Bunny?

Floppy Bunny Love (24)

According to the shelter, he is a  French Lop Rabbit, all I know is he is pretty big and strong and that's a good thing around here with all of our other animal friends running around. 

Easter 2009 027   
We love Mr. Floppy!