Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making Seeded Paper


I bought a paper making kit because I have been drooling over the plant-able paper I have seen around lately. As a newbie to the paper making world, I opted for the kit which included almost everything I needed to get started.

I started out by blending up paper from around the house, things free of ink and glue,  that would have been otherwise headed to the garbage. I even threw in part of a paper egg carton for texture. I added a sheet of green tissue paper for color, some warm water and pushed the puree button on my blender.

I filled water  into a clean sink filling it up halfway and then added the paper pulp, then sprinkled two packets of For-get-me-not seeds into the water. I'd wished they didn't float so much and next time I may use a larger seed instead.

After stirring everything up a bit with my hand, I  slowly guided the screen into the water and then let the paper pulp mixture settle on top. Easing it from the water I made sure the pulp and seeds were evenly dispersed. If I wasn't happy with how it looked at that stage it all went back in the water so I could make attempt number two (or three or four).

After sponging as much water as I could from the soon to be sheet of paper I peeled it from the screen and placed it on a baking sheet, then put the whole thing outside to dry.

Making seeded paper 003 Making seeded paper 007 Making seeded paper 010
Making seeded paper 015

     This is a perfect project for children! You really can't mess anything up, just dunk it back into the water if you are not happy with how you sheet looks and try again. Scavenging for dried seeds and leaves outside would also add a lot to this project.  

Making seeded paper 018
All finished drying!

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