Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Say "hello" to my little friend!

Floppy get to go outside 2009 (11) 
"No one will see me here with my perfect disguise!"

Meet Mr. Floppy Bunny

While out for a drive one cold day in January, we ended up at an out of town animal shelter, I don't know how it happened, but it did. Our four year old found this guy and was instantly smitten. He loved his "down ears" as he calls them and apparently in our son's opinion, a rabbit with "up" ears is less of a rabbit. I am not sure why he thinks this way, but just so everyone knows, the rest of our family is non-discriminant regarding a rabbits ear placement.

Five dollars and about a million four year old promises later, we were in the car driving to the nearest pet supply store to buy the whole nine yards.

Dog Pull-Palmer Jan.24 039

This was at the animal shelter. They really let you get to know the animals before you take them home,  he  sat there with the rabbit for over an hour before we both caved and took him home.

Five dollars quickly turned into about a hundred and fifty five, but who can say no to a little boy and his big Floppy Bunny?

Floppy Bunny Love (24)

According to the shelter, he is a  French Lop Rabbit, all I know is he is pretty big and strong and that's a good thing around here with all of our other animal friends running around. 

Easter 2009 027   
We love Mr. Floppy!

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