Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cherries and Apples

Kathy's Doll 06 

I received a custom order awhile ago from a very kind woman named Kathy. While we were emailing back and forth about fabrics choices and hair colors and textures etc., she shared some exciting news with me.
While Kathy was driving home from a Sunday party she had attended, she drove passed a skinny hunting dog lying on the side of the road. The poor thing was trying to scavenge a meal from a dead deer. Kathy immediately pulled over and grabbed a bit of apple cake that she had leftover from the party and using it she was able to lure the hungry pup to come to her and then into her car. 

While Kathy was emailing me the news, the lucky dog (who by the way they affectionately named "Apple"), was curled up on a blanket (dreaming of more apple cake I'm sure). Kathy says she is a sweetheart.
The story of Apple inspired me to make Apple the pup and the piece of irresistible Apple cake. Now the baby doll and Apple the dog can share a snack together!

Thanks for helping out our furry friends Kathy! Anyone who loves animals that much is a friend of mine!
Here are a few more pictures:

And happy endings...
Kathy's Doll 05

Kathy's Doll 10

 Kathy's Doll apple2
Apple with apple cake! 

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