Thursday, July 11, 2013

38th Annual Girdwood Forest Fair

It was probably the best one we've attended so far! Although it was cold and rainy for the first two days, the people were so wonderful and so was the food. My assistant friend, Faith and I dream 'aboat' the Canadian fries booth throughout the winter, it's always the first booth we vist every year. Canadian fries are fresh cut potatoes, fried and lightly salted and then put in a paper cone where then a mouthwatering malt cider vinegar is poured over the top of them... Yumm! Until we meet again, Fries!

We had a lot of fun setting up the booth this year, seems we do something different each year and it keeps us on our toes. My husband build new stands this year, very light weight and in four separate pieces. They were so much easier to haul than the bigger heavier stands he built me six years ago.

She hardly ever takes a picture without making a silly face!
This was home for three days, she's not fancy, but she's a 5 star resort compared to a tent. We were warm, dry, comfortable, and most importantly.. bear free.
 The first year our friend Jessica who now stays in the RV with us and is also our booth neighbor, camped out in a tent in the woods. Each morning she awoke to black bears riffling through the campsite. The bears were in their way out after  helping themselves to $9000 worth of butter from the seafood vendor. The next year it was multiple pounds of chocolate from the fudge booth. I'm sure they look forward to the fair each year just as much as I do (maybe even more).
Here we are! I'm on the left, Faith in the middle and Jessica is on the right.
Jessica owns J. C. Jewelry where she creates beautiful gemstone pieces. I purchase something from her shop every year at the Forest Fair and now look like a walking advertisement. Needless to say, I really love her jewelry!

Faith helps us both out at our booths by filling in for potty breaks or food quests. She also helps us with set up and break down and is all in all, a priceless part of our trio.
Another fair over, I am already looking forward to the next one!

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