Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Friend!

Baby Bunny 010

Since we had our French Lop rabbit neutered a while ago we have been looking for a friend for Floppy. I didn't know this before we brought Floppy home, but rabbits like to have a friend who they may eventually make a strong bond with. They will groom and cuddle with each other making a pair of happy bunnies. Not just any two rabbits will bond with each other, they like to choose who they share their space with themselves.  Since floppy is neutered, hopefully this will make the whole process easier since he is now capable of bonding with another neutered male.

After searching for months and months for just "the one right bun", I was getting nervous. I had originally wanted to find another lop eared rabbit since we do love those "down ears" as my youngest calls them. It seems lop eared bunnies are very difficult to find here! It is amazing we were able to find Floppy at the pound to begin with. After numerous emails and phone calls and even hoping that the Easter holiday might flush a few lops out to the public*, we had no such luck.

*Please let me add that I am completely against selling  animals based only on upcoming  holidays, trendy movies or events. Adding an animal into your home should be a long  thought out process and should only be seen at as a long term addition to the family.

A few days ago I was contacted by one of the people who I originally emailed. She had been having  some Internet problems and wasn't able to write back to me until then.
 She said that she had some Angora/Holland Lop mixes available and wanted to know if I would like to see them.

When the boys and I got there we were greeted with the most adorable little poof balls I've ever seen! But how do we choose just one?? I jokingly told the woman that she should just hand me one because it was just too hard to choose.

We finally did though and he/she is so adorable!!
Baby Bunny 023

 Because we are not sure if this is a little boy or a little girl yet (only 7 weeks old), we haven't named our new bun yet, so we are just calling it "Bun". 

When you squint your eyes the color pattern on Bun's face looks like this;  !!
Baby Bunny 007

The great thing about Bun is that since he/she is part Angora, I will be able to use the brushed fibers for my dolls and toys!

It will be a little while before we will be able to introduce Floppy to his (hopefully) new roommate since Bun is so young, but they will be neighbours for a few weeks.

Baby Bunny 014 
Dexter has to supervise everything... 
Baby Bunny 018 
Bath Time!

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