Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mother Nature is Cruel Sometimes

Snow, po boxes 016

 Here we were enjoying what was supposed to be the beginning of wonderful spring season. The birds were busy making their nests while singing flirty little songs to each other, the neighbour down the street was smiling from ear to ear because her crocus's are finally coming up (she has the best flowers in the neighborhood). And the dreams of summer fun had already begun to flood into every one's head.

 Then we get blasted by this! It doesn't seem like it will be stopping anytime soon either.

Oh well...off to dig out my cozy socks and then make a cup of hot cocoa. Yep, I am turning snow into chocolate!

At least the dogs are having fun in the new stuff....
.Snow, po boxes 013Snow, po boxes 014Snow, po boxes 015

Snow, po boxes 020Snow, po boxes 021Snow, po boxes 024

Snow, po boxes 025Snow, po boxes 026Snow, po boxes 027
Kona & Capone 

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