Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Customs

  I love custom orders, a great collaboration of two minds working together to make a mental vision come true. Also, custom orders are usually accompanied with wonderful stories like this little lady from last year. But more than anything, for me, custom orders keeps the spirit of doll making fresh and challenging and when I am able to get it just right... a great feeling of accomplishment fills me. Here are a few of the custom orders that kept me busy this season.

Handmade dolls 2009 171Custom order kuspuk small doll 012Custom order kuspuk small doll 025Custom order kuspuk small doll 036Custom order kuspuk small doll 048Custom doll dove wreath 023Custom doll dove wreath 029Custom doll dove wreath 0422009 yarn wreaths 007Custom doll dove wreath 011 

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