Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Great Lady Bug Release!

If you've never purchased a bag of lady bugs to use on your property as a natural method of pest control, I suggest you give it a try, at least once. You can usually find them being sold at your local garden store. They come with different amounts of bugs depending on the store. In the past we have released smaller bags of 100 bugs or so, but this year we found a bit more!
So what does 1,500-1,800 lady bugs look like? I had no idea until we brought home the little mesh bag and actually opened it up.

They went everywhere! I sprinkled them onto every bush, tree and plant in the backyard and they quickly went marching up, around and over to get to work. 

It provided hours of entertainment for our youngest son (lady bugs are on his "good bug" list), and he continues to find his friends from time to time, still busy with their natural pest control duties. If only they ate mosquitoes too!

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